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About Us


Who we Are


We are your neighbors and friends, many of us from multiple generations of Garland families, who are concerned about ongoing pollution in Garland and the adverse effect it has on our community. This map shows reported illnesses and pollution sites in and around the Garland Meadowlark community.

Our Goal

The purpose of Clean Up Garland is to raise awareness of health hazards and environmental concerns, identify the source(s) and solicit a response from our elected officials (ie, city, county, state and federal) to investigate, clean, resolve and prevent further issues. 

Our History


About 20 years ago two Garland Texas ladies became aware of many illnesses in the Meadowlark/Williams neighborhood area. They decided to walk through the neighborhood, street by street, knocking on doors and taking a paper based survey. The results were alarming so they contacted a consulting firm. The firm was so impressed by the results of the survey that they offered $250,000 in free services. However, the purpose of their effort was not to pursue legal action, but to identify and stop what was causing the illnesses. Obviously, the firm would not offer $250k unless they could bring forth a law suit which was not the goal of the effort so it was halted. This current effort picks up where the ladies left off. 

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